Jesus would drink Kava

In Fiji, there is a cultural drink known as kava and Jesus would in fact, drink it. We have no reason to believe that He would not do it. It seems that this would the pattern that He gives throughout the New Testament.

The first thing to understand is God has made the earth and everything in it. Kava comes from a root that is in the earth. We know that Kava was from God himself. What is in the earth is the blessing of the Lord to the people that dwell in that land. God foresaw the need for it before even the foundations of the world.

With that said, Jesus was also very big on incarnal ministry; dwelling among people and living like they lived. John said that Word was God and the Word become flesh. Jesus did not mind turning the water to wine and his friends were prostitutes, corrupt politicians, and dumb fishermen. The circles of friends were people that loved the thing that the poor of his day loved.

In a Fijian context, Jesus would spent time at the Kava teaching about the Kingdom of God that is here and is yet to come. He would use the issues of the present day to impart spiritual truths into the people listening. Jesus would prefer places like the kava bowl over all the pretty churches lining Suva.

The Kava Bowl is a relaxing place

Fijian use the kava bowl to gather around (especially the men) to relax, unwind and talk about their lives. It would like the bar in Germany or a buddy’s garage in America. Times of unwinding and resting is very important. It is the whole concept behind the Sabbath that God demanded everyone to take part in every seventh day. It was serious business in the times of the Old Testament.

In the New Testament, Jesus idenifies himself as “the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.” He is the Lord of the Harvest but He is just as much the Lord of the Sabbath.” Under the new system, with the veil ripped, we are living in a place of rest, not just have a legal day for it.

Fijians gathering around the kava bowl in the evening is celbration of the biblical command to have rest and relax. In anything, you are drinking kava, you are do an act of worship unto the Lord of the Sabbath. You are celebrate what the Lord has given you and enjoy the harvest of His creation.

I see that the drinking of grog is a mere tool to do what the Lord has commanded us to do on a regular basis. If we do not learn to relax, our years on this planet will be shortened and the years that we do have to will not as fruitful as they could be. Living in a spirit of all work and no play is not from the Holy Spirit. He is all about resting and enjoying the things of the Kingdom that we dwell in.

Why do pastors hate kava

One thing that blew me away was how pastors such as Suliasi Kurulo, Atu Vulaono and  Epeli Ratabacaca condemn the use of Kava by people attending their churches. Let me be clear: they are adding conditions to salvation and there is NO commands from the Lord in the New Testament using kava as a way to celebrate the goodness of God. It just is not there.

I believe that these pastors view of use of grog as a competitor for financial assistance. If a Fijian spends $20 on kava on Friday, that is $20 less that his wife can give to the pastor on Sunday. This is the only reason that I do can see that these pastors would have a problem with it. One thing is for sure, they can’t give a biblical defense for their reasoning. That much is given. I have personally challenged them.

The claim that grog numbs you and is therefore a drug does not hold weight. The same could be applied to all medicine that is a suppuesion. Are we going back to all use of medicine is sin too? I am not in agreement, I know that!

The problem is really pastors in Fiji need to get off their soapboxes, platforms and out of the pulpit. Instead, they need to actually dwell among the people and find out what is really happening in their lives. Some of these pastors do not even the names of the members of their churches.

It is really about personal convictions

If you feel it is wrong to drink it, don’t drink it. If you feel it is wrong because your pastors said it is wrong, you need to re-think the issue and figure out what is right or wrong for you; not for him. Your pastor did not die for you and He will not stand before God on Judgement Day for you,either. What I am saying is that you need to make your own decisions about what you do before God. That was the point of Jesus dying on the Cross of Calvary.

The bible says that Kingdom is about righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. It says elsewhere where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM. We also know came to set the captive free. We can come to the place that we see that kava is in the freedom we have been in the Holy Spirit. It is like whole meat thing in Corith. Paul said to let each person make the choice for themselves.

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  1. I was Reading The Article & I want to know with all this explanation you giving about Kava , still not making any sense. When you were explaining all this reason about Kava, I for one have not seen any verses from the Bible about what you are saying. Can you kiindly do explain to me. I don’t want your opinion I want Bible Verses.

    It is a very sensitive matter I really want a Bible Base Verses, not what you just write. By the way thank you for writing your View. I was reading through the Bible I come across this Word Strong Drink and Kava Is consider to be a strong Drink.

    Kindly if you may let us take a look at this verses from the King James Version and our Fijian Bible lets kindly take a look at this verses.

    Proverbs 20:1 in Fijian – Vosa Vakaibalebale 20:1 – A dau veivakalialiai na waini, a dau cudru na yaqona .

    Aisea 5:11 – Era na ca ko ira era na souta na gunu Yaqona ena mataka caca; ka bogicaka, me ra mateni e na waini.

    Aisea 5:22 – Era na ca ko ira era gumatua ni gunu waini, kei ira era tamata kaukauwa ni caka yaqona. There are more verses but kindly consider again what have you write. Do you have Peace in your heart that what you say is from GOD. I hope with this note will be able to help each other to know the way God want us to take.

    Let man be a Liar & Let GOD be TRUE.

    Mr. Eroni Qalo

    1. My issue is that the Bible does not tell us it is wrong. It is up to personal convictions. If you want to grog, do it. If you don’t, dont.

    2. A good place to start is to consider the English word “wine” and the Fijian vocabulary used “kava”.

  2. Greetings!

    No believer in Christ who is Holy Spirit led should be swayed by new waves of doctrines in these changing fortunes of times that has gripped many poor souls to despair and desolations.

    Surely, the faith of our fathers have stood strong as a mighty fortress. Yet, it is to no surprise, that it has withstood the dark ages of cannibalism, war, famine, political upheavals and still stands strong today in our beloved Fiji.

    On the contrary, in regard to new doctrines, we should not underestimate the indwelling and work of the Holy Spirit within every new denomination or believer in these last days. With these, also come God’s divine intervention working in mysterious ways so that the great commission (Math. 28; 19) be fulfilled to become the great completion. That, I do strongly support the work of saving the lost and dying souls so there be life and life abundantly (John 10:10).

    The abstinence of certain foods or drinks such as kava; the obligations required by any church such as tithing and other expectations can be a form of legalism and this has been a burden to many believers of today rather than a conviction. It has been the practice in the Old Testament by the Jews govern by their rules and laws.

    Paul, on the other hand, encouraged the Corinthians …”that in whatever they do to do it for the glory of God…” (1Cor.10: 23 – 31).

    The apostle, Peter, was told by God to eat or even drink that which was deemed unclean or sinful to consume. Acts 1013 – 14

    My question is…” can we drink kava without vulgar language, dirty jokes, gossips and worthless chats…” (Pls. 1:1-3)

    Can we drink kava and glorify God in the intention kava was created for as Peter explained it above in his post?

    Is the Assurance of our Salvation determined by the food we eat, the kava we drink and the tithes we give? Col.3:12- 17

    Brothers and Sisters in Christ let us love one another for this is the greatest commandment that will fulfil the greatest commission to be the great completion.

    To God be the Glory,
    Bro. Ben
    “Keep Burning”

  3. In Fiji, “Following the mixing of the yaqona [kava], the session is typically ‘started’ with a semi-chanted declaration such as ‘Darama Saka ni yaqona’. This advises the Saka (‘Sir’/’sir’) who, depending on the person making the proclamation could be either the Vu (or ancestral gods) or Karisito (the Christian God) or the senior person present, that the session is ‘officially’ started. Similarly, the session is usually concluded with a semi-chanted declaration such as ‘maca Saka ni yaqona’: Sir, the yaqona is finished’.” (Aporosa, S. (2014). Yaqona (kava) and education in Fiji: Investigating ‘cultural complexities’ from a post-development perspective. Albany: Massey University, Directorate Pasifika@Massey. p.117).
    My ‘iSaka’ is Jesus. I dedicate every yaqona session to Him. If He is the *center* of kava drinking, then that is Christianity in practice.

    Academics also endorse kava as having a Christian association. “Ryle (2010: 20) states, “Pacific theologians have related the kava ceremony to the Christian Eucharist,… [paralleling this with] themes of self-sacrifice, leadership and service”. The Samoan Catholic Church, for instance, identifies “Jesus Christ as a Heavenly
    Kava Root at Bethlehem” (Taofinu’u, 1973: 1-2). Samoan Methodists believe that liquid kava has redemptive significance in the same manner as the Blood of Christ (Fa’asi’i, 1993: 62). In the case of Fiji, Toren (1988) adds that many iTaukei liken images from Christ’s Last Supper with servitude within the yaqona circle. She suggests Leonardo da Vinci’s tapestry of The Last Supper “evokes the image of a group of clan chiefs [drinking yaqona] with the paramount [chief Jesus] at their centre”; the ‘centre’ inferring icake (in front of the tanoa, at the top, in the high position) and therefore symbolizing an act of worship (p.709). The tapestry image and symbolism, Toren argues, is “a material manifestation of ‘the Fijian way'” (p.696), therefore emblemizing ‘Fijian-ness’ (also see Ryle, 2010: 23-5).
    What then has influenced iTaukei [Fijians] from the newer denominates to steadfastly deny the link between yaqona and their identity?…

    Want to read more? Go mada to


  5. Well said,

    Its upto the individuals on what they want to do. To drink kava or not to drink kava. Is the great question.

    I believe that god loves all his children. If he didnt want people to do certain things like drink kava, then why were we given free will?? Kick that out the door why dont ya then. Teachings from all books from all religions are good. But influencing personal opinion on individuals just because you are a pastor; you should be the one fearing god and reading all the verses of the man written bible and await judgement.

    Thanks for the eye opening and intersting article.

  6. I dont drink Kava but I saw some of us a quoting the Bible in a Fijian Version wich says nothing about Kava or Yaqona or Grog. Can anyone help to explain this better? 20.1 — Drinking. “Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise.” It’s obviously talking about drunkenness, and not ..

    Isaiah 5:11 – Bible Gateway…Isaiah%205…
    Woe to those who rise early in the morning to run after their drinks, who stay up late at night till they are inflamed with wine.

    Lets talk about the truth here not the mistransulation of our Fijian Language Bible.

    Iam looking around in the Bible now and I need help please. God bless the Childrean of God.

  7. According to the bible things that take up your time, things that separate you from your family and things that spoil your health should not be taken. I have seen people spending most of the around the kava bowl while their families are suffering. People get rashes on their skin like a dog and also get NCD diseases so why drink such dirty thing. It is dirties thing I have ever seen in my life. Such people in trouble for that big day.

  8. This is a very complex issue . As every Fijian woman whose husband is addicted to this drink can attest to the negatives of kava drinking far outweigh the lack of repentance and the lack of salvation that comes from men relaxing around the kava bowl. The argument that it is provided by God and therefore good is a very spurious one
    Does this then hold true for marijuana; coca leaves ( cocaine, betel nuts etc?
    Remember we live in a fallen world and everything that God said was good has been corrupted in some way. Otherwise there would be no need for a new heaven and earth.
    I am not saying that fellowship around the kava bowl is wrong just that there are too any deep issues that need to be reasoned out before the Fijian pastors are judged and condemned too soon. Everything is contextual iced and the men have a deep understanding of the context that outsiders will need to truly understand before creating a kava theology. With all due respect I believe that a kava theology is best developed through an indigenous understanding and way of being.

  9. Have you consulted the Holy Spirit about this?

    Have you given your life to Jesus?

    Many that are defending kava drinking have not seriously given their life to Jesus.

    Jesus died for your sins. He became man to come and be the ultimate sacrifice. His Blood cleanse you from your sins.

    If you have not made that decision, then you are not ready for heaven. Jesus says that He has gone to prepare a place for you. He is coming back in the clouds of heaven to take you home. Are you ready?

    Jesus loves you.

    Jesus died for you.

    He is coming back for you.

    Are you ready?

    You can be an excellent writer, discussing things including God.

    But are you ready?

    Your Souls belongs to Jesus, Buddha, Hari Rama, or Muhammad?

    If your soul belongs to Jesus, then you are ready to go because He is the only way to heaven.

    Jesus is Lord

  10. A compelling article to say the least with questionable opinions, but certainly does not justify if our Lord Jesus would drink kava. Unlike wine which states in the bible being consumed by prominent “men of God”, has some health benefits to the human body, kava on the other hand has more health risks then benefits.

    As stated by many renowed medical experts, kava side effects are more physical then psychological because it causes dry skin, drowsiness, upset stomach and can cause failure in the internal organs of the body which in most cases can be deadly if consumed for a long period of time.

    With this being said, I think Jesus would know better then to drink kava, knowing that the disadvantage outweighs the benefits that is being stated in this article I.e) for relaxation. He wouldn’t even go near it in my opinion.

  11. My religion is if i do good i feel good and if i do bad i feel bad . So everything i drink Kava i feel good ..

    So let there be Baby mix

  12. You all need to stop believing in fake shit and get real with yourselves and work towards helping people living in poverty rather than building huge churchs. Homeless people don’t get helped through million dollar buildings.

    Stop wasting your Sundays sitting in a building and talking about a 2000 year old story. Go out and get your lazy ass to work so that people don’t struggle

  13. Wow moderation. Dictatorship with religious groups? Typical ain’t it? Gotta brainwash them dumb folks so cunts can make $$

  14. So pathetic doesn’t justify any facts in relation to the bible. God made so many things and we are smart enough to deffrenciate right from wrong when you’re saying God grew these things it include marijuana and the Apple he specifically warned us not to eat but as humans we turn to do the exact opposite of what were warned not to

  15. You people must be blind to this facts…. Whoever wrote this article is obviously deceive he/she does not know what he/she is talking about…. Off course God created the earth and everything in it belongs to him, but it does not necessary mean that we are to drink kava, if you can open your spiritual eyes you will know that Jesus will never drink kava…. The spirit behind kava is your very enemy (lucifer) you may laugh it out loud… Only the truth will set you free!

  16. One thing we must understand is the use of the ‘YAQONA’ in the Bible. Of course when the bible was written, it was directed to a particular group of people, tribe, nation or what not. How then can we justify that ‘strong drink’ was referring to YAQONA, when the audience to which the text was written DO NOT drink YAQONA? Second, because the text was translated into the Fijian language, back in the days the only true drink which missionaries knew Fijians were drinking was YAQONA whilst they were drinking wine! Therefore let us NOT try to be God in saying that this is right or wrong but try and be good disciples in uplifting a soul so as to dwell in God’s presence. God Bless you All!!!

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